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The first thing one needs to consider when traveling to Bhutan is the cost of travel. Bhutan comes at a price and not only for the expenses of the flight, the sleeping or the food (these in a way are not so expensive, if consider the below).

Travel in the country is allowed throughout a tour operator, as far as tourism in Bhutan is still organized whiting the partnership of government regulators and private tour operator (locally or overseas), officially approved. Tourists must pay a minimum charge to enter and visit Bhutan, of about a minimum of US$ 200 a day; that goes towards free education, free healthcare, infrastructure, poverty alleviation. The costs include a standard accommodation, transport and guides, depending of the period of year. Thus, in the months of January, February, June, July, August, and December, the minimum package for tourists traveling in a group (usually of 3 persons or more) is US $200 per person and per night; for the months of March, April, May, September, October and November is a higher, a US $250 per person, per night.

The charge will include: accommodation (up to 3 star, or above for a higher price), all meals, a licensed Bhutanese tour guide, all internal transports (not internal flights), all the equipment for trekking tours, a sustainable tourism Royalty (US$65). These must be paid in US dollars prior to arrival in Bhutan. There are surcharges for single individual traveling alone or for two people traveling alone. On the other side discounts apply for children (50% on the daily rate for children of 6 to 12 years old, while it is free for children to 5 years of age). Students are giving a 25% discount. In a group of 11 persons one gets a 50% discount, that become free entry and visit for one person of a group of 16. Further discounts apply to the royalty charge after a stay of 8 or 14 nights. Expect you to pay separately extra costs for special permits, luxury vehicles, cultural shows, special food, premium accommodation, drinks and so on.

Cancellation charges apply from within 30 days to arrival, where there will be no refund for the money paid. Travel insurance for traveling to Bhutan are always recommended. There is no charge for delays in arrival or departure caused by weather conditions on disrupting transports.

Tipping is officially discouraged in Bhutan, but itís becoming a common practice.

Atms are not widely extent and bringing US dollars in cash is suggested.

Do not count on using credit cards in Bhutan, only few larger hotels and Emporium accept them.

Travellers cheques are widely accepted at any bank, most hotels and foreign-exchange counter at the airport.